Pakistani Movie ” Ishq e Khuda ” review.

Lollywood  producer named  ”Shehzad Rafique” decided to make a huge film with big stars and named it “Ishq Khuda”.

Cut to the present and let us analyze where is that big film going in terms of casting…
A year back when the film was announced it had super-hit written all over it. Why you ask? Well the film marked the comeback of the super hit couple Shaan and Reema. Everything was going good but then Reema backed out and a new face was needed.

Shehzad went to  Veena Malik, whom he had earlier directed in the superhit “Mohabbatan Sachiayan”. Veena was busy with Bollywood and the answer was no! Then stepped in Humaima, who was fresh out of the Bol success phase and this replacement was well recieved by everyone. However she soon had to leave as well and then came in Zara Sheikh, who was sort of making a comeback with this film.

With Zara  Sheikh in the film was finally ready for shooting and a grand launch was made. It is noteworthy that Shaan, Meera and Ahsan Khan were all part of the film all this while. At the launch however, one saw Zara and Shaan interacting with the media but Meera and Ahsan were missing. We smell something fishy!

Recently it was revealed that the Arab popstar Wiam Dahmani is also a part of the film. This seemed to be an excellent addition to the cast but later it was learnt that Wiam Dahmani was added to replace Zara Sheikh.

hope fully movie will release on August 18, 2012 and here are some pics from the movie and movie cast.

Ishq-Khuda-Movie-Poster-768x1024 Ishq-Khuda-Music-Launch-7 Ishq-Khuda-Music-Launch-10

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